About the Author

Caroline Davidson, a retired school teacher with a degree from UNT, has three daughters and twelve grandchildren. She and her husband live near Fort Worth, Texas, and enjoy outdoor activities such as walking, horseback riding, boating, and gardening. In the fall she usually goes to New Hampshire, her home state, to view the gorgeous multi-colored fall foliage. In summer she may go deep-sea fishing, picking berries, or collecting sand dollars and shells at the beach. However, eleven years ago things changed. She began to spend her spare time researching and writing a book. It began as a letter to explain the Apostolic doctrine to her eldest daughter who had grown up in church but could not distinguish the Apostolic doctrine from the Trinitarian doctrine. Soon it became evident that this explanation was far too lengthy to be contained in a mere letter. Thus, Poisoned Wine was born.

From that moment Ms. Davidson became engrossed in her book. When it grew to twenty-five typed pages, her son-in-law became interested and took her book to work where it caused quite a stir. Then she gave a copy to her pastor who suggested she have it printed, so she renewed her research efforts. In planning the book, she retraced the steps she took when she was seeking for information before her conversion and mingled the thoughts she’d had at that time among the words of her book. She chose the name Abigail for the girl in the story line because the biblical Abigail was a strong-willed woman who was determined to do what she must do even though she had to stand against her husband, not commonly done at that time (I Samuel 25:14-35). Several times Ms. Davidson thought her book was finished but more information or another related subject would come to mind.

Ms. Davidson hopes Poisoned Wine will be useful to all those who desire truth about the Apostolic doctrine and the biblical plan of salvation.