Historical facts about past empires exist in many books and preachers write reams of material from biblical prophesies predicting a one-world empire, but few scholars mention the staggering events that bridge the gap between the old empires and the colossal end-time empire. Many people shy away from talk about a troubled future, but this harsh and ruthless government is coming anyway. A wise person will study all bits and pieces of related information to avoid being surprised when the end-time happenings begin to unfold.
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About Caroline Davidson

Caroline Davidson, a retired school teacher with a degree from UNT, has three daughters and twelve grandchildren. She and her husband live near Fort Worth, Texas, and enjoy outdoor activities such as walking, horseback riding, boating, and gardening. In the fall she usually goes to New Hampshire, her home state, to view the gorgeous multi-colored fall foliage. Read more

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The non-biblical history of the early Christian church, later known as the Roman Catholic Church, was written in Rome. Christianity was founded in Palestine during the first century by the disciples of Jesus.
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